Public Funds Investment Act Online Training


The Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) governs the investment of government funds in Texas. Under this law, specific parameters are set for Texas cities, requiring them to adopt an investment policy and designate an investment officer who is required to attend an approved training course.


The treasurer, chief financial officer (if the treasurer is not the chief financial officer), and investment officer of a city or school district must attend at least one training session, 10 hours in length, within 12 months after taking office, and must take eight hours of instruction every two years after the initial training session. Various other types of governmental entities have some training exceptions. You can view these exceptions here.


This Public Funds Investment Act course meets the training requirements under Texas state law. It is designed to educate public officials in the basics of investing. The training examines and explains investment controls, security risks, strategy risks, market risks, the need for diversification of investment portfolio, and compliance elements of state law.


Continuing Education


This Public Funds Investment Act course has been approved for continuing education credits by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR).

Requires Level I completion certificate.